Fan Art, etc.

M. E. Kerr adores her fans as much as they adore her. Fan art is much appreciated and celebrated here. In addition friends often have items created for her in honor of her nom de plume. That said, the first drawings are inspired by Shoebag written as Mary James.

These have always been a favorite of Mary James.

This stained glass window is installed in M. E. Kerr’s home.

The Fell series inspired wonderful art.

Here is Gentlehands-inspired fan art found in one of M. E. Kerr’s numerous studies. Gentlehands remains the most taught and read of Kerr’s books to date due to its WWII relevance.

This brick is a favorite of mine. M. E. Kerr likes it as well as shown by the fact she uses it as a door stop, a nice piece of art and a conversation piece on her lovely deck, one of my personal favorite places in her home.

This trivet is a replica of M. E. Kerr’s fascinating not a novel biography.