Marijane Meaker wins 2013 Trailblazer & LLCB Awards from GCLS

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      Michelle Koh

      The Golden Crown Literary Society is dedicated to the recognition and promotion of lesbian literature, and to provide educational opportunities for authors,editors, and readers about many facets of writing lesbian novels.

      The previous Trailblazer winners selected Spring Fire(Vin Packer) to win the Lee Lynch Classic Book Award. Additionally, and without knowledge of this, the GCLS membership nominated Marijane Meaker (Vin Packer) to win the 2013 Trailblazer Award…No one has ever won both of these awards, let alone in the same year. These are the two most prestigious awards offered by the GCLS. Their website is at

      Marijane Meaker also writes as M.E. Kerr for Young Adults. Her YA
      gay books, published by HarperCollins, are Deliver Us From Evie,
      Hello, I Lied, and Night Kites. Night Kites(1986) was the first hardcover book written about AIDS which featured homosexual males, and not (as was the custom in early days) people who had received it from a blood transfusion.

      Under her own name she has written Shockproof Sydney Skate(1972) first published by Little,Brown, now also published by HarperCollins.

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      Michelle Koh

      Scroll to the bottom of the 2013 winners for Marijane Meaker’s name.

      2013 Goldie Winners

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