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      M. E. Kerr

      EDIT: My Vin Packer reviews are now available on the Vin Packer page on this website.

      I have been posting reviews for the newly re-issued Vin Packer books in e-book form by Prologue.

      These books were reviewed when they as they were published so it makes most sense to me to provide potential readers reviews from the point of view of someone who remembers the books.

      Posted on Amazon:

      Vin Packer wrote:

      The Packer books were published in the 50’s and 60’s, very often with top reviews from both the NYTimes Sunday crime columnist Boucher, and the Sunday Tribune columnist, Sandoe. Amazon did not allow me to use any of these quotes in my discussion of their content. Who remembers crime stories from 50 years ago but the author? I gave those books well-reviewed 5 stars, the only way I could signal their interest minus critics’ approval. Some that were not reviewed (most paperbacks were not) I gave less stars. When books from long ago are presented to the buying public, it does not seem to me fair not to allow opinions held by authorities of the time. I think it’s better than having friends write raves and give stars. Vin Packer

      Michelle Koh is helping me post these reviews I wrote for Amazon here on the site. More to follow.

      EDIT: My Vin Packer reviews are now available on the Vin Packer page on this website.

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      Michelle Koh

      Vin Packer has been writing fascinating reviews of her e-books on Amazon (Vin Packer e-books) and we both wanted to share them on the site as well.

      They have been added to the Vin Packer page on the site. Enjoy.

      Click here for Vin Packer reviews Vin Packer on Amazon.

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