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      Michelle Koh

      M. E. Kerr has always enjoyed listening to music. She likes lyrics – she finds the lyrics to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody fascinating. And she likes melodies and pretty much everything else about music – different vocals, instruments, arrangements. She likes the music of the Grateful Dead but she is far from a Dead Head. She introduced me to the music of Nick Drake. His music made a comeback when Volkswagen used Pink Moon in a commercial. M. E. Kerr lived in Sneden’s Landing in an artists’ alcove where Orson Welles once lived. She told me about this song and songstress she used to like. The song is called Did You Ever Cross Over to Sneeden’s by Mabel Mercer. She had a nice conversation with Billy Joel a while back and I think she likes his music. She certainly found him interesting as he spoke about feeling like an outsider when he was a kid – a story right up her alley. M. E. Kerr likes to take inspiration from songs for her books titles. Your Eyes In Stars and Slap Your Sides are both from songs. And if you’ve read Gentlehands, you know (or now you will know) the title is the English translation of part of a lyric from an Italian opera.

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