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      Michelle Koh

      Nice to see this on M. E. Kerr’s birthday! From Booklist’s 50 Best YA Books of All Time, by Daniel Kraus | Booklist Online
      FEATURE. First published May 26, 2017 (Booklist Online).

      Booklist Online 50 Best YA Books

      Gentlehands, by M. E. Kerr (Harper, 1978).

      The Holocaust is the basis for many fine YA novels, but this book did something different. In a contemporary setting, it brought the subject home in a way that raised questions about personal morality as well as collective guilt. When Buddy and his new girlfriend meet his grandfather, they find him erudite and cultured. They are shocked to learn he may be a Nazi butcher.

      Thanks to John S. for the head’s up on this!

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