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      Michelle Koh

      M. E. Kerr and I both found this message to Vin Packer interesting and wanted to share it. I hope it’s okay with the person who wrote it. It’s edited a bit here.

      N. wrote: Hello, Vin! That’s the name I remember you from from a particularly potent short story, the collection’s name it was in I unfortunately forget now. It was something to do with hot snow, hot ice, something like that. Very poignant and noiry all at the same time! About a heroin addict if I am correct. Anyway, what advice would you give to someone who has all these ideas and would like to write? Thank you!

      Vin Packer/M. E. Kerr/Marijane Meaker responded: Hi N.! What a good memory! The story you’re thinking of was Hot Snow published in Justice magazine, 1956. As to your question about writing: why not look for a contest for short story writers? The length might be right for someone trying out, and there are more short stories wanted than novels. Self-publishing is very popular now, too….I think when I wrote Hot Snow I¬†was eager to get published, and even a short story was good for the ego. I entered all kinds of contests. Try that. Both The Writer and Writers Digest lists magazines that want them…Also, if you could find a group or START a group of writers, that helps.. Good luck to you. Vin Packer. I have a collection of short stories coming out in September. Publisher Open Road. Under my pseudonym M.E. Kerr. Collection called EDGE.

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