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    Half Minute Horrors!
    M. E. Kerr and I hope that everyone is okay post-Sandy, post-West Virginia snow storm and everything else!

    On this Halloween, I wanted to remind everyone that M. E. Kerr has always enjoyed a good thriller. She wrote many as Vin Packer.

    As M. E. Kerr, she contributed a short story “The Foot Dragger” to a 2011 anthology entitled Half-Minute Horrors. The idea is how scared can you get in half a minute. Just the title alone can give you the creeps: The Foot Dragger. Thump. Thump. THUMP!

    Here’s the description from the Half Minute Horrors website:

    How scared can you get in thirty seconds? Dare to find out!

    More than 70 of the world’s most alarming writers and artists have come together for a good cause ¬≠and to scare the wits out of you! These are the shortest, scariest spine tinglers, hair-raisers, and eye-poppers ever created.

    You can even write your own 30 second horror story here!

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