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      My Vin Packer books from the 50’s and 60’s are reissued by Prologue Books for Kindle or Nook. This is a sample review (I wrote my own because who remembers?) and I’m gradually describing them all next to their jackets. Have a look. Thanks. M.E.Kerr

      A Surprise Ending, August 25, 2012 Girl on the Best Seller List (Kindle Edition) The Girl On The Bestseller List was inspired by Grace Metalious’ bestseller, Peyton Place. Her book was published in 1956 and it sold 60,000 copies in the first ten day. It stayed on the NYTines bestseller list for 59 weeks. Packer’s The Girl On The Bestseller List about a woman who wrote a bestseller called Population 12,360, had three printings after it first came out in 1960. Both books exposed the secrets of a small town. In the small town Packer created there were many people who hated Gloria Weldon, star of this novel, but her killer was someone who loved her.

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