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      Michelle KohMichelle Koh

      While we’re on the subject, let’s celebrate the digital availability of Shoebag and Shoebag Returns courtesy of Open Road Media!

      “Shoebag likes his life as a cockroach. Like the others in his “tribe,” he was named for the place of his birth—in his case, a white summer sandal. He enjoys living in a Boston apartment building with his parents, Drainboard and Under The Toaster, although they’ve lost countless relatives to jumping spiders, water bugs, beetles, and the deadly fumes of the dreaded exterminator. So when Shoebag discovers that he’s been transformed into a person, he’s horrified. But the worst is yet to come.

      Shoebag is adopted by the Biddle family and renamed Stu Bagg. Mr. Biddle enrolls him in Beacon Hill Elementary School, and every night for one hour before bedtime, he watches television with Eunice “Pretty Soft” Biddle, his new seven-year-old sister, who loves the color pink and is the star of toilet paper commercials. At school, Shoebag tries to fit in as a human, while back home he tries to protect his insect family from spiders, cats, and the Zapman.

      Then Shoebag discovers a secret formula that could change him back into a roach. All he has to do is choose.”

      “In the hilarious sequel to Shoebag, the cockroach uses his magical abilities to help a lonely boy at an all-girls’ school

      Shoebag and his roach family have taken up residence in the Lower School at Miss Rattray’s School for Girls in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Shoebag and his parents, Drainboard and Under The Toaster, like their new home because it’s close to the kitchen. But lately, Shoebag has been dreaming about the time he was transformed into a person named Stuart Bagg—probably because the all-girls’ school has just admitted its first boy.

      Homesick ten-year-old Stanley Sweetsong doesn’t think he’ll ever be good enough to join the Betters, the school’s most exclusive club. What he needs is a pal—someone to help him hatch a plan to outsmart these snobs. So Shoebag uses his secret formula to transform himself back into Stu Bagg. Suddenly, Stanley has a new roommate who inspires him to come up with a better, even more elite club: the Butters. Stanley and Josephine Jiminez, his only other friend at school, are the charter members. When the club is banned by Miss Rattray, they’re forced underground—but with Shoebag’s help, Stanley and Josephine concoct the perfect recipe for revenge . . .”

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